Countertop Marketing 101.

All United States, Countertop Marketing 101.

101 Countertop Marketing Basics

We go over some basics of what is needed and why we need these items for your countertop business. If you start with these basics or as an established business you're not doing some of these, You're in the right place. Welcome!

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Branding Logo Design: ($0 - $1,000’s)

You need a mark for your business that represents you. This should include the name of the business or brand of service.

You need this mark first because it will be placed on all the various marketing materials you will be using in this initial phase.

Plan in this market being used for 1-2 years so don't make branded purchases that will be harder to change in the future.

Logo design can be very costly to use a logo design firm and chances are it still won't be right because you have not tested your business in the market yet so how would you know at this point.

We provide Free Countertop Logo Design with our website program.

Business cards ($150-$500 for 500 Cards First run)

You need business cards to give to all your friends, family and anyone you meet. Place these cards in local restaurants on pin boards etc.

You should have 1 card with your direct contact details as the owner and a second card that is generic for the business. Contact me for more details on why we do this.

Your first run will need to design the cards and then repeat orders will be less. We use vista print as the costs are reasonable and reorders are very easy.

We provide design & management of this for you.

All United States, Countertop Marketing
Local Countertop Marketing Solutions
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Website Domain Name: ($15-$25/year)

We have a specific strategy for registering a domain name.

Because you are a regional business your url that you register should have the location that you service in the URL. It's actually more important that the region is in the url than the name of your business is in the url.

It's a good idea to purchase a URL with the name as well but this is not as important to start.

We manage this for you and direct you on the most powerful domain for ranking your business quickly in all the areas we will be using this URL.

All United States, Countertop Marketing
Local Countertop Marketing Solutions
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Countertop Website: ($0 - $1000’s)

Your website is your storefront 24/7. At first you will be providing this on your marketing materials and that will be the source of traffic. Many free or low cost options exist for this but that does come with a cost. The idea of a website is that it will be able to be found by new customers and create actions for you to make sales.

In order for it to do this it needs SEO on page and off page. We need to tell various search engines and social media that the page exists and the page needs to load fast on computers and mobile devices.

These free Services tend to provide low quality, low ranking websites that don't convert the visits to call or web for fill outs.

Many companies start ups are trying to operate with just a social media presence. I hate to think about all the business they are missing with that as the base of the sales funnel

We provide managed website service as a low cost monthly investment based on proven designs and high traffic converting tools.

All United States, Countertop Marketing
Local Countertop Marketing Solutions
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Vehicle branding($50 - $1000’s)

You can purchase a magnet for the door of your vehicle or you can fully design wrap it. Your choice but you want your vehicle to be marketing your business at all times. When it's parked at the box store and in the neighborhoods that you're doing business it's always working for you.

Vista print will also print these magnets, stickers or Vinyl lettering from a local vendor on windows.

We provide design work for you based on which direction you want to go

Yard Signs ($100-$500)

From template to install you should have your customer let you put a sign in the yard that you are providing services at this location. You may need to have an exchange of value for this but it can be a great way to generate more interest and knowledge of your company in the market. This also taps into the vanity of the local community with the need to keep up with the Jones's.

Branded apparel t-shirts and sweatshirts: ($150 - $500 for first run)

All workers should be wearing branded clothes as they represent your business, proud of the work they do and interacting with your future referral customers in the customer's home. The experience these customers are having will be told over and over again to a majority of people that will be visiting this home in the future so make it a great experience for them.

We provide direction on where to sources these and what is needed to start as well as provide design

All United States, Countertop Marketing
Local Countertop Marketing Solutions
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Take Photos of your work

Before and after… always and forever.

Share this content with my team as we use this content to drive new business. Call us and we can provide you with an understanding of why this is sooo important.

Provide a service warranty (Priceless)

For a minimum of 12 months if the customer calls with a problem, crack, chip, caulking,sink.. Whatever.. You take the call and provide a resolution. Stand behind your work.

We help you create the parameters of this warranty

Join Regional Associations ($ may have dues)

Associate yourself with professionals in related fields like real estate, contracting, building. Introduce yourself to local construction companies. Get your name out in word of mouth.

All United States, Countertop Marketing
Local Countertop Marketing Solutions
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Customer Service (Priceless)

Figure out how to provide top notch customer service. Without this you're doomed from the start. The customer is always right.. or at least they need to think they are. Solid Customer service skills are essential to growing the reputation of your business and earning referrals.

We will get into this more in future classes

This has been the very basics of what your marketing program should look like at the beginning. If you're a large established company and you don’t do some of these things it's not too late to right the ship.

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The big question is how many more sales do you want this month? Thats what we need to know.

We provide turn key local online marketing strategies for granite fabricators. We have been specializing in marketing granite countertop fabricators since 2009. We have grown to have partners in 23 states and have grossed over 25 Million each year in countertop sales with our partners.

We provide countertop website design, countertop marketing, Advertising, Branding and more. We track the response through the sale so we are able to maximize your advertising dollars to generate the greatest revenue possible.
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